Last week I attended my local writers group. The session was titled poetry by candlelight. The idea was to pick a title from a pot and write a poem within candlelight.

I first off all thought, nope I don’t write poetry. The last poem I wrote was at school. I have no idea how to start writing a poem. Then I thought this year is the year of writing so I gave it a go. 
It seemed the rest of the group had written poetry before as they all eagerly got writing. We had 30 minutes to write. 

I picked out graduation day as my title and I got writing. 

I enjoyed the process. I first of all wrote random words and thought about my own graduation day, and slowly but surely I pieced something together. By the end of the 30 minutes I had put something together, and it was something I could actually read out loud to the group. 

Here it is:

Graduation Day
My cap and gown is secured and family wave in anticipation, I await my name for my graduation.

Yesterday has gone, the future is now. The wait is over, I walk forward somehow.

Friends around me all smiling with glee as today is the day we all become free.

I hear my name called and I step forward on stage. Applause arrupts around me for what seems like an age.

I take the scroll and shake the hand sadly, yet I spot my mother looking at me proudly.

I walk back to my seat and sit down finally. I take a moment in and sigh quietly. 

This is it, the time has come to leave. What shall I do next, what shall I achieve?

I was proud I managed to put something together. The feedback I received from the group was really assuring. I felt so proud.

Let me know what you think. 


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