Book reviews and blog posts

Before my little monkey came along I loved to do book reviews. I did quite a few and put them on a blog called reviewed by Fran. Back then I could read a book quite quickly late into the night and participate in alot of book tours. This faded away when Ruby arrived, but recently I have been approached again to do some reviews and I said yes. 

I loved reading as a child and getting my hands on a new book is still like Christmas in the summer. Getting a book through the post that hasn’t been published yet and the feeling that I hve been chosen to review this book for a blog tour puts a smile on my face. Someone wants to know what I think of the words and imagination the author wanted to bring to life. It’s a honour. 

I’m pleased to announce that my come back to book reviewing will take place on 29th March. I have already read the book and my review will be published on this blog with my blog being advertised by the publishers as being part of the blog tour. I don’t get paid for doing this, but any book lover like me doesn’t need to be paid when you have a brand new book in your hands and the privilege of being able to read it before it is published.

Before this date I hope to put a couple more reviews of books I have chosen myself on my blog. 

Getting back to doing something I love is great, I just hope Ruby sleeps so I can read. 


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