Book review: Happy by Fearne Cotton

I had heard about this book and I was eager to read it as I wanted to learn more about mindfulness.

It seems Fearne has been through alot recently and decided to write a book about how she got through it, and I’m glad she did. 

I for one am a cheerleader for happiness and how it can change your way of life and Fearne writes about how important happiness is in such a way that isn’t condescending or preachy. Her honesty about her own depression is refreshing. The book includes expert advise from the charity Mind as well as her own advice and how she tackled her depression.

What makes this book special is the personal touches, the water colour drawings. I particularly loved the reflection rainbow, it was interesting to use this throughout the book. 

I have recently been learning about mindfulness and I love how this book explores this using exercises and even meditaton but put in such a simple way that even a beginner to self care in this way is not deterred.

Fearne clearly knows what she is talking about and talks about her experiences with positivity it made me feel that if she can change and achieve happiness then so can I.

I would recommend this book to anyone, not just someone who is looking for a self help book as this is more than a self help book. 


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