With mindfulness I have been learning to appreciate the now. Being in the present. It’s tough when you have a zillion things to remember and do, finding time to stop and think is virtually impossible. I have been reading alot of mindfulness inspired books recently and they have given me food for thought. 

A common theme within the books is that we generated our lives. Back when we were cavemen no one had the thought of being supermum, being a full-time mum as well as working in a busy office (for example), as well as running a home. We created the expectations, we are not born with them,so why do we do it to ourselves?

Stress isn’t in our bones it is something us humans have created within our own minds. There are the key words; our minds. That in turn created mindfulness. Those that say what a load of cods-whollop, are just too busy. I was one of those people until I started to have panic attacks. I can’t explain why they started to happen but I’m a worrier. I worry about everyone but myself it seems. I signed up to a yoga nidra course nearly a year ago and I have not looked back. 

Learning about mindfulness is helping me, I’m not “there” yet by a mile as this is a continuous topic, however my learnings so far have treated me well. Appreciating my mind for what it is and using it to help my body. Someone said you can put a plaster on a broken leg and service a car but what about your mind? We use it every day, but if we don’t look after it who knows what might happen. I’m trying not to let thing affect me as much, but this is quote hard to do.

Opening my mind and trying to relax more is my goal. Reading and learning is where I have started and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. 


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