Simplicity in 2017

The art of simplicity in 2017 seems virtually impossible.

We are to blame for making our loves more complicated. Technology advances development hasn’t helped. Before technology, to reach someone you would have to move off your bum to go and knock on someone’s door or reach for the BT phone book and dial numbers for landlines.

Whilst technology is constantly evolving it isn’t necessarily making our lives easier. Actual conversations are rare when two people are in a room each with a smart phone in their hand. We have two year olds knowing how to use Ipads better than their parents. Technology has allowed us to be accessible 24/7, making us in demand constantly and complicating our lives. The need for instant reaction to messages puts pressure on us to make decisions that might not be the best ones given the rushed nature the decision was made. 

I often think I was born in the wrong era. Being brought up in the 80s/90s I was lucky enough not to be brought up in the Internet age. I went to the library to research a project, or borrow a book. Now it’s about quick access to information using Internet search engines and downloading books instead of using our brains to figure things out. 

Technology, in my opinion, has stifled our brain power. We don’t need to think anymore. Thanks to Google we just talk to our smart phones for answers. Yet this supposed simple technology has taken us away from simplicity. Before the Internet we had to talk to people or use books to find out information, usually doing one task at a time. Today we could be reading an email whilst listening to a voicemail. Multi tasking and sending our brains into overdrive by putting ourselves under pressure to be able to do tasks quickly. 

A simple hardback book will soon be something from the archives. Just writing that puts shivers down my spine. I have a toddler, I worry that she won’t understand how to use a book to research or learn. Whilst technology is something I can’t withhold  her from, I don’t want her to feel the pressure of needing to be able to constantly multi task on the go to keep up with others. Like the batteries on the smart phones, they run out of charge, so will we if we don’t slow down and try to evolve ourselves. Our technology never seems to be switched off so why shouldn’t he human using it switch off and simply rest too ? 


2 thoughts on “Simplicity in 2017”

  1. Love this.
    Where are the times of screaming
    Awaiting the stampede of feet down the stairs now to be sent by messenger to your 7 year old looking at a selection of coloured boxes which apparently are people and buildings building more block cities and inhabitants all before retracting like zombies to the dinner table to inhale their dinner. No chat about what Adam did in the playground.
    They watch people on you tube eating and opening toys to play with them. Yet ours never play with the toys left stranded and alone. Just like video killed the radio star
    Technology is dumbing whilst reprogramming our children. Eeeeek.


    1. You are right. The art of conversation is going to be replaced by emojis! I shiver to think what technology is going to create for our children in the next 10 years.


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