Mothering Sunday

This Sunday is mothering Sunday, the day recognising mothers.

Being a mother is not how I pictured it when I was a child. My eyes saw this wise older person, who knew everything, had all the answers and reassuring that life will be whatever I dream it to be. Little did I know that there is way more to it that I did not realise until I become a mother myself. 

The lack of sleep making you delirious and unable to brush your hair yet still able to make a bottle and feed a child was one realisation, but more recently I understood being a mother is the most complicated job without pay just love. 

The pressure on mother’s today is ridiculous, with  media putting pressure on us to be that perfect working mum who can do it all is damn right out of order. Surely we should be praised for firstly creating a mini human being from our amazing body and actually keeping that person alive is a utter miracle. This is a huge shift change, it happens over night and hits you like a tidal wave. Thanks to hormones the survival instinct kicks in. Motherhood isn’t about the perfect instagram photo it is about surviving each day, day by day. 

My daughter is 2 years old, and I thank my lucky stars everyday I have lots of mums around me, especially my own mum. I don’t know what i would have done without her since my daughter arrived. I know I am an extremely lucky position to have my mum’s input as I have friends who have sadly lost their mums and unable to share their experiences of being a mum theirselves with them. These are the mums I want to shout about. Mums who are properly winging it and smashing it. These are the mums I want to be there for and shout to the hills about. I wish I won the lottery to fund a centre that supports every mum who needs it, as community support in this area is sadly lacking. I am one of the lucky ones, I made mum friends and have my own mum around me. Yet some are not so lucky. They don’t where a badge saying they don’t have a support network so it’s not general knowledge that a mum is lonely or needs support. 

I challenge every mum on this mothering Sunday (and every day) so go and sit next to the new mum at toddler group, go and speak to the mum on their own in the park, smile and maybe even help to distract that tantrum throwing toddeer in the middle of the supermarket to reassure the mum they are not alone. You ever know they might not be as lucky as you but they are the same as you – a mum. 

Happy mothers day to the fathers who are mothers too 🙂


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