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Book review: Where the wild cherries grow by Laura Madeleine

Where The Wild Cherries Grow by [Madeleine, Laura]


Thank you to Laura and Hannah Bright for letting me review this book as part of the blog tour.

I shall be honest, the books I tend to read at the moment are Chic lit and throw away fiction due to lack of time but this book opened my eyes and made me enjoy and take time over reading again.

The story opens in 1919, a story of grief from the heart of a lonely young Emiline Vane. Money troubles creating problems beyond her years, her only option is to run away from it all.

Skip to fifty years later and Bill, an eager young solicitor takes a case on to prove to his employer, yet the smallest bit of information stops him in his tracks and puts him in the middle of a mystery he feels his heart is telling him to solve, questioning what actually happened to Emeline.

I was intrigued by the blurb on the back of the book,  a gentle story with twists and turns and it didn’t disappoint. The author manages to create one story from two in a simple manner that does not confuse the reader. The two stories are entwined yet spoken very differently from two different voices. This made the story easy to follow without jumping around in time.

Their separate journeys following the same path is brilliantly written. I could picture both clearly and felt the pain of both characters.

The use of families and relationships helps to bring across emotions from both sides of the story in a relaxed manner, not forced, allowing the reader to understand the family ties both Bill and Emiline has.

I throughly enjoyed reading this book. I read it quite quickly which shows I wanted to carry on the story. I even spoke about the story to friends and family whilst reading it. The mystery drew me in, wanting to know the conclusion. A heart warming read I would definitely recommend. It fact I already have !


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