Dream a little (huge) dream

Apart from winning the lottery, some dreams feel difficult to achieve. 

Mortgages, cars, children, bills and general life is expensive so venturing from your daily 9-5 job to living your dream seems a world away. 

Thanks to the world of social media we can see others living the dream on Instagram. Loving the perfect life without the Sunday night blues. We can see others do it but why can’t we?

Should we settle or fight for our dreams? Someone said to me today, why do people have everything for virtually nothing yet I work my ass off and still haven’t achieved anything?

I looked at myself and thought what have I achieved? I have a job, a house (with a mortgage), a car, friends and a family surely that is enough? 

I wanted to shout at myself I should be grateful! Yes we may not be able to go on expensive holidays, have the most up to date car, but surely happiness comes from us not what we materially have? 

Yes money can buy elements of happiness but if you are not happy in your mind what is the point. 

Dreams are purely dreams and reality is what you make it. I belive those that get things easy and that have landed on their lap are not grateful and continue to expect. One day it stop. 

Yet those working their ass off to get that final dream totally deserve it, with happiness in their mind and gratitude in their hearts. 

I write down as often as I can what I am grateful for. I have a dream too, so I’m thinking I spread good karma and gratitude (and a lot of hard work) my dream might come true. 


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