The thing is about writing…

The thing is about writing is not just having the time but also having the headspace during that time.

I have so many ideas and the want to write but this week I’ve not written a word on my synopsis or short stories. Instead I’ve relaxed, read books and painted my nails. One thing I promised myself about writing is that it’s not a job it’s a hobby. Hobbies are not supposed to be pressured or restricted. By putting timelines onto things I feel pressure, I start to worry and not enjoy it. 

Also I want to keep things into perspective. I most likely won’t be a professional writer to the point I can quit my part time job. I have already written about the bad side of social media and this has brought along of thoughts to my mind this week. Instagram, as hard as it tries, isn’t perfect. It’s what I would call wannabe. Those with picture perfect profiles are those trying too hard and probably have a someone taking the photos for them anyway. Simplicity is the key for me, as an over complicated life sends me crazy. 

Pressure is something I put in myself, no one can pile on the pressure like me. The words “self care” were not as widely known 10 years ago, yet today people make money from making lists on Pintrest about how to have a perfect self care routine. Really?? Do we need someone to tell us how to look after ourselves. As a mum I often forget, but how is up to me and when is also up to me too, I shouldn’t rely in the Internet!

The pressure we all have these days are ridiculous. The working mum vs. the stay at home mum comparisons drive me insane. Personally I think they are the same person, as usually the stay at home mum is still trying to earn money, usually during nap or evening time. 24/7 financial pressure in this day and age is just plain stupid, yet the word to blame  is comparison. Everyone wants bigger and better and if you are not striving for it then the guilt word crops up. I got caught up in this last year and still regularly think I’m not good enough and if I sit down its wrong as I must be busy. 

Well, this week I have relaxed. How do I instram reality like that? 


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