A “meh” moment

I went to a launch event this week for a fab idea called parent pause. A local event with the idea of getting parents to share and be a positive community. There was some quite “famous” bloggers there to do a talk and it was a really great night. 

My very talented blogger/writer friend (who is a real life friend too) suggested we go with some other friends, a girls (and 19 day old Seb) night out. I immediately said yes and told husband that this night I’m going out. 

I am so glad I did. The panel of bloggers were asked questions about what is their parents pause? Including topics such as proudest moment and parent fails. I laughed and nodded my way through the night. 

It was what I needed to get rid of my “meh”. A rut. Writing is hard, I knew it would be. But finding the time and head space is difficult when thats all you want to do, but restricted due to time and needing to pay bills. The panelists are the same as me, a parent dealing with daily poo explosions, whilst working and the best word I heard all night – surviving. 

That’s what we do each day, survive.  But we can’t be fixated on that idea. Yes, don’t get me wrong surviving is key, however you can get stuck in a mundane routine. Life is for living and giving things a go. Not forgetting the real you and your dreams. The organiser of the event said she working nights and prioritised her passion for parent pause. Saying at 8 o’clock is her time, whether it’s working or just taking a bath. It’s true, assigning actual time allows you to do what you want. Obvious I know, yet the pile of washing becoming a mountain often distracts to the point of no return. 

Then there is the word Guilt. It is amazing. I find something I’m desperate to do, yet my brain worries about how I should be doing the house work or spending time with the husband or friends. It’s a hard juggle, especially when you have a conscious. 

Right now it is 10pm, I’m writing this post via my phone, lying in bed. I only got about 5 hours sleep last night. I had nursery drop off, two hour drive, 4 hours work including a presentation, then 2 hours drive back, Nursery pick up, bath time and then dinner time for husband and me. I’m knackered yet I’m sat here writing. 

Clearly writing is at the bottom of the list. It nearly dropped off the list, but thanks to last night it’s back on there. It’s just going to take a bit of time as sleep is pretty important too. 


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