You know when you get a message from a friend….

When it just makes you smile. 

Just now, just this minute I received a picture via instant messagener that just me stop and smile. I sat down and thought jeeeezz I’m lucky.

People often sit and think about how unlucky they are in life. No money, debt, work pressure, family pressure, general life pressure. I do this regularly to the point of annoying myself so I know how annoying my moaning to friends can be. 

We have to understand gratitude in our lives isn’t about ego, but actually genuinely being thankful. Family is something we have, not choices, they are just there. Thankful for family to be there no matter what. Friends, however, are a choice and a choice to be grateful for.

A few years ago I was invited to a friend’s wedding. Not just any friend but my the friend I have known the longest, since I think age 4. To this day this person means the world to me. We don’t see each other an awful lot these days as we live quite far apart, yet thanks to Facebook I can see what she is up to and still be immensely proud to call her my friend despite the 100 mile gap. She’s inspiring and a beautiful human being. Also I know I can contact her about anything and she will give me to straight honest truth back. My type of friend. 

Actually this seems to be a a theme in my choice of friends. Those that just tell me (nicely) to get over it and deal with stuff. Recently (thanks to Ruby) I have made a few newer friends that can be said to have the same trait. Those that haven’t know me all that long, but tell me honestly and supportively, without making me cry. Quite frankly these are friends worth keeping in my eyes.  

It’s amazing who I attract and I’m so lucky I do. 

Comparing my oldest friend to my newest friends has made me think how lucky I am. They accept me for who I am and like me for it just like I accept them for who they are and love them for it.

I’m glad got sent this photo today, on Easter Sunday. This day is usually spent with family, yet tonight I’ve thought of my friends. A perfect way to end the day. 



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