A poem inspired by a dream I had last night.  Sittting in the garden watching the birds with my Grandad. Everytime I see a Robin I smile. It reminds me of him and the times we spent watching the birds. 


Rest little feathers, you have travelled far.

Yet, you have far to travel still.

Sit, rest a while. Take the moment in. 

Breathe the air, smell the wind and enjoy the now. 

The future is there waiting for you. 

No rush.

Don’t forget I’m there for you too, guiding you through. 

Up in the clouds, looking down watching your own feathers grow. 

This precise moment you are doing well, I’ve seen your highs and lows. I was there. 

Appreciate the now, have fun and enjoy. Stop worrying about the future. It will happen, your time to shine. 

Spread your wings and fly. 


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