Recently I have been smiling alot. 

Stupid opening sentence to a blog post I know but I need to record it. 

We are so quick to judge, to find error in our own or other’s ways. Take the news for example, 90% of the news is negative. We are quick to jump in and join the crowd to exaggerate in a Chinese whipper affect to create drama out of an eggshell. However, how often can we say the opposite?

Complementing and smiling at a stranger is rare, but if you saw someone doing something wrong we quickly cross the street and look down. 

My toddler is a perfect example of innocence within this idea. She waves and smiles at everyone. She even asks the bin lorry how it is and if it is alright. She’s 2, she doesn’t know better, or does she?

Smiling at someone takes nothing, yet it could mean the world to the recipient. Th day/week/month/year could be lonely or sad. One smile could take that feeling away for just a moment to create clarity. 

It can be difficult to smile when you feel you have nothing to smile about. I’ve recently learnt alot about the idea of gratitude. I have been writing down at the end of the day what I am grateful for that has happened in that day. That way I have memories written down for those tough days I struggle to smile about. 

Remembering to smile is difficult, yet we remember to put ourselves and other down quite easily so why is it so difficult to smile? 


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