Achievements and Goals

Last night I attended a meeting of my local writers group and it was the results of the short story competition. 

Last month I submitted two entries. The theme was phobia and the word count was 1000.

I wrote the entries over about a month. I hadn’t written a short story before so I took my time, especially during the editing process. I even let a couple of friends read them before I submitted them. This was probably the worst part as I chose friend who wouldn’t just try to boost my ego but would tell me the truth, of which I appreciate. 

I was proud I had manged to write one stories let alone two to the point of letting other people read them. Just getting this far was an achievement in my eyes. Finding the time is hard these days, let alone the brain power to get pen on paper and get something written. 

I was one of 12 entries and I’m proud to say I came mid table. Other entries were from standards such as published authors and authors of short stories that have been published in magazines so I was extremely proud as I was probably the one with the least experience that had submitted. 
The judge also gave me feedback on my stories on ways to improve which I am very grateful for. 

Next assignment for the group  is a Christmas short story, with maximum 1000 words. 

I’m so glad I found this group as it’s making me write and the feedback is positive. Just need to find more time! 


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