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One Endless Summer – Laurie Ellingham

one endless summer 

One Endless Summer – Laurie Ellingham

Publisher – HQ

Released 20th April 2017

Fancy travelling for 3 months on a trip of a life time, but there is a twist, one of your best friend’s only has three months to live?

One Endless Summer follows Lizzie, Samantha and Jaddi travel around South East Asia, Australia and America, on a trip they have always wanted to do and when Lizzie found out her treatment wasn’t working it was now or never.

Little did they know their trip would make them famous! Thanks to Lizzie’s brother, an Olympic athlete, money starting pouring in from the public wanted to help fund this trip for Lizzie and her friends. Channel 6 picked the story up and decided to follow their travels on camera.

Ben, the camera man joined their trip, recording every moment whether the three friends liked it or not.

As the story of their travels unfolds the reader is given an insight into the three girl’s lives that they keep secret to each other, proving that best friend’s don’t necessarily know everything about each other. Lizzie is the central character dealing with a terminal illness she has been battling with for most of her life. The reader gets transported back into Lizzie’s life and the moments that have brought her to think and feel as she does today.

The story is about fighting on and following your dreams, and watching every sunset and sunrise you possibly can as you never know when it might be your last.

The author brings humour and light into what could have been quite a heavy subject. It is carefully written with an element of hope. The message of the book is clear yet you do not feel that this is the point of the book. The story is gently written and easy to read yet I won’t lie I did shed a tear on occasion, but I also did laugh out loud. The twists kept me reading and it didn’t take long or me to read it all.

Thank you to Net galley and the publisher for providing a copy for me to read and review.


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