Summer lovin’

No I’m not reviewing a summer romance novel or singing along to the film Grease. 

The sun came out this morning and quite frankly I am in need of some vitamin D.

Whilst I love the winter, snuggling up under the layers. Summer means more time outdoors. 

Outdoors and being with nature is something I love and want to pass onto Ruby. I loved playing outside on my bike or roller skates when I was young. I suppose we didn’t have the technological distractions we have now. 

I am lucky enough to have a child friendly garden since we moved house last year. Plenty of grass for a slide and Wendy house perfectly safe to play in. But to be honest the garden is for me. I love to potter around and help things grow. Being with nature grounds you and is a distraction. I’ve loved growing little plants in the greenhouse, building them up to be planted out in the garden’s borders. 

We have also planted a vegetable patch. Growing your own is something Ingrave grown up with. Both of my grandads had an allotment and I was taught from a young age how to plant and care for a vegetable plot. So far we gave planted parsnips, potatoes and carrots. There are leeks, strawberries, peas, and broccoli seedlings in the greenhouse.

Ruby understands not to go in the soil as that’s where mummy’s flowers grow. She even got angry with the birds going on the borders as one point. She loves going outside, even when it’s freezing. It’s difficult to say no when that’s all she wants to do. I should be pleased as for once she’s not asking to watch Peppa pig.

I’m the same as her to be honest. All I want to do it be outside walking or gardening, it doesn’t matter as long as I can smile in the fresh air and hopefully the sun. 


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