Repost: Is it OK?

In light of mental health awareness week I wanted to share this post again. 

I was inspired by my friends. It’s still true to this day. 

This post is inspired by a super mum I know….

It’s  OK to have a bad day. To instantly regret that snappy comment or the roll of the eyes you just gave.

It’s OK to have a bad day, where everything you touch goes wrong. The phone won’t stop with other people’s issues and you are at that point telling them to go shove it. 

It’s OK to have a bad day where you wake up and you feel like you haven’t slept. Just getting dressed is hard work and the rest of the day brings you out in a cold sweat. 

It’s OK to have a bad day when you look in the mirror and you don’t recognise the person looking back at you. 

It’s OK to cry, scream and laugh all in the same day. 

Everyone can relate to at least one of the above and it’s OK. As everyone can relate to one of the above, it can’t just be in your head. 

Self doubt is not OK. It’s quite frankly horrid. But that self doubt comes from somewhere. 

We have learnt it’s not OK to judge others all the time, so we do we do it to ourselves.

It’s OK to have a bad day, week, month. It’s what you do after that counts. It is easy to be another’s cheerleader, but who will be yours? You get nothing in this world if you don’t ask. 

Its not OK to punish yourself as no one is perfect. Your own way might not be the right way in other people’s eyes, but as least you try. Getting out of bed that morning and forgetting about the bad previous day is hard to do.

Support those who try and try to support yourself. 



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