The joy of social media

Yesterday fish fingers broke the Internet.

A “lovely” newspaper decided to write a piece about four mummy bloggers, about how they promote that being a “slummy mummy”.

Firstly I follow and read all of the four blogs and I don’t take them that seriously. I actually use them as comfort that I’m not the only one eating biscuits for breakfast. 

It made me think.

The piece was written by a mother! My biggest issue is why a mother with a public platform literally bash another mother. It’s a whole new level to playground bulling. What kind of example is that. None of the four writers (they are blooming good writers and established authors!) bash anyone – that why I like them. They are relatable and understand that sometimes life gers in the way and making fish fingers for tea is OK. 

Whilst being able to write and put it out there for the world to see instantly is great now we have social media and accessible Internet. Yet why make things negative?

Surely with such a huge platform why not celebrate and encourage rather than squish people when all everyone has to do is read the actual news for sadness and upset. 

The reponse to this article said it all. #solidarity smashed the article out of the ball park. Pictures of wine/gin/fish fingers all with this hashtag actually laughed at the piece out loud. It goes to show the support these bloggers have actually have a sense of humor and understand their blogs and the reason why the mums write them. 

Only positive element the journalist managed to do it make the blogger’s platform even bigger to do what they do best – not make parents feel rubbish. 


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