I remember when Friday meant rushing through the week to get to Friday as the weekend mostly meant pub and lie ins. 

Not any more.

My working week now finished on a Thursday which is lovely, creating a three day weekend. Thursday nights is Yoga nidra class so I get to finish the week blissfully relaxed. 

 The Friday morning toddler group however is the compete opposite. 

Ruby gets to play and ask for biscuits every 5 minutes and litterally scream in my face until she gets one. 

I first brought Ruby to Friday club when she was 2 weeks old. I’ll never forget stumbling in there, Ruby being taken off me and handed coffee and cake. No judgement of my unwashed hair and breast milk stained top. 

This week has really got me thinking. 

Whether face to face or online support groups, parent support groups are hard to find. Someone mentioned to me today that these groups are hard to find. It’s true. 

Today was brilliant. Whilst our children played we got to talk about adult things such as decorating and a sticker mark on my jeans I didn’t realise was there until I was half way there! But most of all we weren’t alone. There were lots of new faces and I made it my mission to speak to them all. It’s important to me. I’m lucky I’ve never felt alone as a new parent yet I know how over whelming it can be. I struggled. Yet I knew I wasn’t the only one. 

The article in the Daily Mail this week angered me. How dare someone judge someone who is supporting others?! 

Funding is hard enough and support in the community is dwindling. The article was badly written for a start, yet the consequences of the words are ridiculous. What happens if a parent is having a bad day, reads that article and thought yes it’s right me serving fish fingers for tea does make me a bad parent, and this parent goes on a downward spiral? The journalist wouldn’t care as she’s just been paid. 

I care. 

I don’t know a mum who hasn’t struggled. 

There is a job going at a local sure start centre near me. I wanted to apply but it would mean a drop in pay. I want to support and help. Only a lottery win will help. I know how lucky I am. Gratitude doesn’t even cover it. I would be blooming good at that job too. 

This post is about gratitude. I’m thankful to my family, my friends, those other mums who I have met through groups, and those people who run the groups. With lack of funding and pressures it worries me that some parents are not as lucky as me.

Or read the daily mail. 


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