It’s hard enough to understand as an adult, but explaining terror attacks to your children is beyond difficult. 

Last night’s attack… I’m actually stuck for words. Children were there! 

It makes me question my own child’s future. Will I ever let her go to a concert of her favourite pop star for the fear that this might happen again?

My heart breaks for the loss of lives and the injury sustained when all these people were doing was having fun, relaxing and smiling. Are we not allowed to do this anymore due to the what ifs? 

So many questions we shall never get the answers to.

I can’t get out of my head is why there? Why a place where children would be? Why are you punishing them, they haven’t done anything wrong?

It worries me what the future will bring to my daughter. When you look at the face of it all, the world is nasty. I’m lucky my daughter is two, she doesn’t understand, but one day I might have to explain something I really don’t want to. My heart goes out to all the parents having to explain to their children why someone would do such a thing. It’s taking away their innocence and childhood before its time to do so. It’s not fair. 

I know I’m just writing what every adult across the world is thinking, but putting it in writing, putting it out there it hopefully portrays my love and support to others, those I don’t even know. 

I want my daughter to be brave, strong and kind hearted. I suppose the theme should be to point out those that helped not those that caused the issue in the first place. I want to explain kindness and bravery not explain negative attitudes.

I may not have any choice. 


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