6 years ago….

We got married. It doesn’t feel that long ago, but so much has happened.

Moved house twice, changed jobs, promotions (job and football related), lost loved ones, lost more that we ever could have imagined, yet third time lucky a baby arrived. This Baby brought new friends into our lives that we are ever so grateful for. 

Two of us have been through so much yet we did all this together. 

 I’m sat here watching the Manchester concert thinking about the essence of the whole thing. Standing up and smiling with others enjoying life together. 

Last night it happened again. We woke up to news that had become familiar. It shouldn’t be. 

Instead of celebrating our anniversary the conversation this morning again was about the future. Why is this happening and why can’t it be stopped? What’s going to happen next? 

The conversation moved onto our daughter. This wasn’t normal to us I when we were young yet is this going to be her normal. Being extra vigilant and worry about the what ifs? What do I tell her when she will see the news and questions why are people being horrid to each other. 

Personally I have no clue why these people are doing it, there are no reasons. So how do explain. My husband said honesty is the best policy but it will be so hard to talk about stuff that her little ears should not have to hear. 

We went for a long walk, just the three of us this morning. Just us and nature. I walked with gratitude that I still have the ones I love around me. I felt lucky. Despite it being our anniversary we invited friends round in the afternoon. It felt right. Watching our daughter play, run around happy with her little friend, and for me chatting to people I feel blessed to have in our lives. I was thankful. 

These past six years have been hard in places, especially loosing my grandad and the pain of loss before Ruby came along, yet strength carried us through and each other. 

Together. Sometimes we shout and argue, we are human, yet we never aim to hurt. Inner strength is what carries us through, along with love from family and friends.

I am grateful. 


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