Potty training.

Argh! Day one and I hate it already.
We have a nearly two and a half year old so recently we have started to introduce the potty. She’s hated it, mostly using it as a thing to stand in or on. 

Just getting her to have her nappy off longer than a nappy change has been a nightmare.
But as I write this, we have nappy off and sitting on a potty whilst watching Peppa pig. Tempted to get wine at 11.12am to celebrate. 

Wine is required as she did sit on it at 11.06, got off at 11.07 and ran  off and promptly trickled on the carpet at 11.09. 

It’s 11.15 now and she ran off and trickled on the carpet again.
Truly hate this. 



2 thoughts on “Potty training.”

  1. My daughter will be three in September and we get so close and then she decides she wants back in pull ups. I know she won’t be in pullups forever but it feels like it sometimes.


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