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Book review: The Wedding Promise by Emma Hannigan

Emma Hannigan is author of best sellers such as The Perfect Gift and The Summer Guest, I knew when I got my hands on this book I knew I would love it.

The style of the book is typical of Emma. Fun, easy to read and a perfect sun lounger read. This book has already been released as an ebook however to celebrate the release of the paperback Headline publishers have kindly given me a proof copy to review. 

The story is based around Shelly and Gerry’s family. They have grown up children who are happy in their jobs and loves, they suddenly realise life is in their hands and thanks to a generous luxury holiday as a gift Shelly and Gerry decide to make sure they travel more.

The story focuses on Shelly being given a Spain villa to restore to its former glory, bringing back the memories of a place she and her husband once fell in love with. 

Shelly takes on the challenge, but her children seem to need her more. Will Casa Maria ever be able to get back to the way it was or will Shelly have to sacrifice her dream for her children.  

The story is beautifully written.  The emotions within the story are moving allow the reader to feel what the characters are feeling. Clearly family is the key to the storyline. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I read it quickly. I would recommend any of Emma’s books for those who love a heart warming yet realistic story. 
Thank you to Headline press for the copy for me to review. 


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