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Book Review – Summer of Serendipity by Ali McNamara

Published 19th July 2017

I’ll be honest I am already a fan of Ali’s books so  knew what to expect.

The story follows Ren, a  property finder for VIP clients. Her current client takes Ren and her assistant Kiki to the emerald Isle to find the perfect house for his retirement.

Checking into a hotel isn’t far from every day for job, however checking into The Stag was different. Ren and Kiki began their search for the prefect house, yet the town they are staying in force them to look at themselves and the lies they have.

Ali writes the story with perfection. The romance mixed with humour allowed to story to flow easily for the reader. The magic of storyline was believable as it was simply written it draws the reader into the scenes. The reader could picture the scenery surrounding the village and the hotel to the point of feeling like they are actually there watching the story unfold. Bringing elements of village life to a bigger story Ali introduces characters that perfectly fit the storyline.

I can’t fault the way that Ali writes. its a book I didn’t wan to put down. I wanted to know more. even when the story ended I still wanted to know more.

This is the perfect summer heart warming sunlounger read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown publishing for allowing me to have an advance copy to read and review – I loved it!









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