How to banish self doubt.

Ha! Self doubt. I know all about that in bucket loads. 

It’s true no one is perfect, because perfect isn’t real. 

This week has been full of ups and downs:


  • Finally succeeded in a target at work
  • We had wees in the potty
  • Got to my first target of writing 20,000 words in my book
  • Researching some promising literacy  agents to submit my work to


  • Pure hateand I mean hate for potty training
  • Thinking that I had finished that project at work to receive an email to say actually no I haven’t. 
  • Having a short story rejected from a publication as the ending was too predictable 
  • Losing £20 that was given to me to give someone else

Self doubt is a catalyst. It’s like a ticking time bomb. It’s so easy to doubt yourself when things go wrong and your brain tell yourself you can’t do it. Lack of energy and other supportive factors don’t help the situation.

It’s easy to look a others who look successful on the outside and want to batter them with the 6 soaking pants you have to wash with an hour this morning. Deflated and defeated.

Whilst influences can infiltrate your mind into self doubt. It’s what you do with the doubt that’s important. 

So this morning I posted off two more short stories submissions to magazines, whacked a nappy on the leaky two year old, had two slices of cake this morning and thanked my lucky stars that the sunshine dried the now washed pants ready to try another day. 

P.s thank you to my yoga nidra teacher last night for your teachings on the crown and brow chakra. I instantly knew what my headaches meant this morning. 

And thank you to cbeebies for introducing Dugge hugs to our lives?


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