Am I getting old?

Sunday night, its before 8pm and I’m in my pjs.

Am I getting old?

Looking at my life I have stated to enjoy a simplistic but more educated life. I appreciate learning and exploring. 

Personally I think I’m a closet Countryfile presenter. I thoroughly enjoy this programme as I learn so much to the point I think why didn’t I know that? 

Country life is what I love. I love my garden, nature and exploring. It’s a shame I now hate camping after our last failed attempt as being in the fresh air is great. 

Maybe educating myself about mindfulness has developed this love.  Appreciating nature and what we have around us has been a huge lesson to me. To stop, look and love. In the mad world I live in, finding the time to enjoy what is around us has been difficult to achieve, but just  by doing this has it made me old? 

I love to sit and read. Yesterday night (Saturday night) I didn’t even switch the tv on, I just read my book. Reading seems to be one of my loves that is at the bottom of my list as life and family seem to always come first. 

This week I have been on holiday from work. But it wasn’t a holiday more like the fact I’ve had a week with one less thing to think about. To switch completely off, my dream would be 48 hours in a remote place, no tv, no internet. Just nice food, nice drink, waterproof shoes and a good book. Many would say this dream is old before my time but is it? 

Learning what I like at the age of 34 isn’t a bad thing. We all change and evolve as our lives go on, I just wish my arms are strong enough to practise yoga! I recently had a conversation with my 12 year old niece who was saying she didn’t know what to do as a job when she’s older. I was honest and said follow and do what you love not what you feel if right. Happiness comes from doing what you enjoy. To this day I actually wished I did an English Lit degree. 

I often get a feeling of frustration about how life gets in the way of simplistic thoughts, just finding the time to appreciate my garden is hard work. Maybe I was brought to this world in the wrong generation.

I can’t thank my yoga nidra teacher enough for re opening my mind and her teachings of mindfulness. Thank god there is a one off summer session next week as September feels along way away. 


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