Had a wobble

Yesterday I was ready to jack all this in. Writing that is!

Wailing to the tune of not enough time to do it all. 

Then today thanks to rain, and a two hour delay on the a14 resulting in me turning around for a work from home day I had a good think. Plus my manager keeps saying to me I manage my own diary and basically stop asking his permission for like everything! (Yup I know). These words need to kick me up the bum on work and personal goals.

Life and two hour delays get in the way. Life includes the plan for the night of writing when in reality he two year old dancing to have a Zumba class in her room till 9.30pm. No writing got done and I was in a foul mood with frustration and anger that I can’t have it all like every other mum. 

So today my work diary got sorted and I made a decision to decide what exactly makes me happy away from work and how to get rid of the frustration. Tough.

Basically stop trying to do it all!

So I’ve started with this…

Decision making isn’t a skill for my CV when it comes to life decisions. To many what ifs, however with work  I’m the opposite. So many what ifs in the personal life makes decision making difficult for me and then there’s the biggy… guilt. 

Guilt is something I really struggle with. Dividing my time or even doing something I love isn’t really enjoyable these days as I always have that twang of guilt. 

I’m trying to cram in so much into my mind it’s become a fog in there which is coming out at frustration and anger! 

Time to re assess. 


2 thoughts on “Had a wobble”

  1. Sorry Frances, but nobody, mum or not mum, has it all! Count your blessings, and just think about when you’re old like me, and your progeny has left home, then you’ll have more time to write than you’d like!
    (Also, check the difference between whaling and wailing!! )


    1. Ha ha! Thank you for the spell check! I think I mean that most people shine on the outside but you don’t see the inside, yet I feel like I’m not shining at all some days. I do count my blessings but I also know life can be short – again another what if!


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