Feeling like Jumping in puddles!  

I’m sat here on the sofa, watching my toddler dance around to the music of Ben and Holly, refusing to to eat her dinner and wondering what time my car is going to be dropped off after having the brakes sorted out. 

Today has been one of those days that I wish my wellies didn’t have a hole in as I could have easily jumped in puddles today just to let off some steam.

So I decided to message someone I admire and follow to ask how to give my writing and blog a kick to get more noticed and actually make a difference. 

After her questioning what exactly is it I want to write about (apart from a chic lit best seller!) I wrote back basically saying I want to put more positivity into parenting and encourage parents to do it their way.

Since my accident nearly two years ago my confidence as a parent, wife, worker and general person hit rock bottom. I’m a worrier of what ifs and think about people’s judgements way too much. Stupid I know. Depression sucks and as I’m still suffering pain due to the accident it’s a constant reminder. Along side this I have the mum guilt of not having enough time to enjoy life as much as I used to. 

Soooo whacking that back into the box in the back of my mind, I’ve decided to just keep going and keep remembering my aim. 

Promote Positive Parenting

Whether you are a stay as home parent, someone who works full time or part time, being a parent is blooming hard work on the brain and we all struggle to keep afloat. So my aim to to spread love, follow my dream of writing and encourage others to just keep going! 

Whilst encouraging myself too! 


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