Time to get real

Monday was a huge day for personal reasons. I could finally put a chapter in my life that I didn’t really like away. The after affect will most likely run into the next chapter  and the next but the baggage will be gone. 

Cryptic I know.

It was a huge deal to me, I litterally felt the world lift from my shoulders. I wasn’t being judged anymore and the only person doing the judging now is me. This sentence only came to me this evening. No one else jumped for joy and that because no one went through it but me. No round of applause, no party to celebrate just relief I can move on.

Move onto what?

It took courage and self belief to get me to this day and why can’t I carry this forward onto a more creative, more positive project. Instagram has recently been a huge part of my life. I was looking for inner strength influencers and strong mothers who have overcome (or are still dealing with) anxiety or mental health issues.

I think this is where I want to put myself. Encouraging others to have self belief even on the crappy days. I struggle with this personally. I know having bad days is life, everyone has them. But why can’t I try to put a smile of people’s faces?

Currently my Instagram could be hastagged with toddlers of Instagram as my feed is mostly about Ruby. I need to mix it up and throw most positive elements to it. Yes I may have other people that I want to encourage but on my own dark days I can look at it and go “yep, it too shall pass, as it has done before”. Or when my monkey is being a total monkey to say “yep, I got this”.

A clever lady recently said to me surround yourself with what you love and love will shine onto others. 

Currently I love sleep, I’m surrounded by two people sleeping but I’m not sleeping. Maybe too much going on in my mind. I’m annoying like that, my brain doesn’t switch off. I don’t feel stressed or upset about anything (I’m feeling pretty good at the moment) I just can’t sleep. 

Maybe I should pop some of those sleep masks that have flooded everyone’s insta feed on my birthday list. My sister in law gave me one to try recently and it was A-mazing!

Time to put my effort into something less personal that made me feel rubbish and into something more fun. Positivity is the key. 


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