Holiday silence

I’ve been on holiday for the last week and it’s actually felt like a holiday. Even on a tots week at Butlins.

I decided to not write and just enjoy the week off. It was lovely not to have to think about work/builders/christmas(!)/housework etc. I took a mind holiday.

It was lovely not to worry for a change. Sounds stupid but that’s me – a worrier. I’m so proud to the point of I think it’s a huge achievement that I didn’t get ill or have a panic attack. The unknown brings on anxiety for me, and in turn I find it difficult to relax. Mindfulness has taught me a lot and I think it’s why I actually enjoyed my holiday. 

As it was a tots week it was centred around Ruby. The shows and activities were all about toddlers. We embraced it and when with the flow. Nothing got in the way of enjoying ourselves for a change.

Small but true. 

I actually came away feeling relaxed but also feeling different yet familiar. It wasn’t what you would label a relaxing holiday yet for some reason I feel relaxed now.

We loved it so much we rebooked to go back next year and I can’t wait!


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