Work vs Rest

When it comes to work I am extremely disciplined. So why am I not the same with rest?

In my 20’s I had all the energy in the world. Out at the pub most nights and able to work fine the next day. Yet now I’m in the middle of my 30’s I’ve realised the need to slow down and understand the meaning of rest. 

Rest is as important as anything else in your life and must be treated as such. Easier said than done. when you have a deadline and a toddler wanting your attention. 

In February this year I think I had a burn out. It was the first time I had called in sick as normally I just keep working from home but I just couldn’t this time. I was low on iron, not sleeping and trying to juggle everything and suddenly things came crashing down. It took over a week to recover. I think I even scared my family a little! 

This last couple of days I’ve also been ill but it’s been different. I’ve not felt guilty calling in sick to work. I’ve not been so worried that things won’t get done as rest is far more important. Something about me has changed. I’ve prioritised rest over everything which normally isn’t like me. Yesterday my toddler was at child care so I literally stayed in bed all day. I didn’t feel guilty!!  I needed the rest after contracting a sicky bug. Today I feel slightly better but not great so going to take it easy (as much as you can with a toddler). 

Rest allows the body to heal but also the mind to stop. Yoga Nidra has taught me to slow down and for some reason I’m a lot calmer than I used to be. I can’t thank my friend for recommending the class enough and also Sara the amazing teacher who has litterally changed my life. 

It’s made me think a lot what I want out of life and how I want to lead my life. I’m currently looking at courses about mindfulness and life coaching to see if this is what my heart wants to do. I want to share and help others. My dream job would be to volunteer in my local sure start centre and support families, but unfortunately bills need to be paid. I love what I do now as a job (I help people to get jobs) but I travel quite far and working part time has restricted opportunities to climb the ladder into management (don’t get me started on that one) #flexappeal. 

I think seeing my amazing friends and how different our lives are yet we are so so so supportive of each other. I mean yesterday I told them I was poorly and each one sent me love and hugs and asked if they can do anything to help, even my very pregnant friend who is just about to drop! I thank my lucky stars I met them since having my daughter, every day! I would love to spread that further. 

But for now rest. Get better and strive forward when it’s right to do so. What a difference a year makes! 


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