Out with the old and in the new.

Tomorrow is a huge day…. the builders finally get to work transforming our garage into a playroom/utility/loo, and I can’t wait!

Firstly because I’m fed up of going out into the cold to open the garage just to do a load of washing, but also we are finally making this house our own. 

We bought the house 18 months ago and we have done bits to it, choice was necessity rather than dream. We have had windows replaced and had to decorate the lounge due to someone deciding to take a radiator off the wall without draining it first! The day we moved in there was an issue with the water tanks so we had to get that done too. Our finances dwindled so we have had to wait to do this project.

Tomorrow is the day. They are not going to be big rooms but I think they will make a huge difference when completed.

Also I’ve finally been able to put an issue to bed. Done and dusted. It’s helped clear my mind and as a result it may have even opened up an opportunity for the future which I’m really excited about. 

The greenhouse is going to go up this week too (weather dependant!). The amount of seeds I want to plant is ridiculous but I can’t wait to get started. The garden next year will hopefully be full of colour. 

Happiness is something that is coming my way quite a bit over the last few weeks. I’ve been looking at myself to work out what is important to me and for some reason I have felt more relaxed than ever. I know meditation and mindfulness has helped me in so many ways and I’m ever so grateful. 

Bye bye garage…..


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