Today would have been my grandads birthday. Bonfire night always used to be fun when I was young as we always had a party to celebrate.

I was incredibly close to my grandad. We shared the love of bird watching, bambozle on teletext, card games, allotment digging, bike rides, tennis, badminton, and iced buns.

He looked after me a lot when I was young. Every Thursday he used to pick me up from school as my mum was at work. We would go to bitteswell post office and buy a quarter of sweets then go and do some bird watching somewhere local or go down the allotment. 

I know now I was extremely lucky to have had my grandad around when I was young. I was so lucky that he was even at my wedding. But it’s a shame he missed out meeting his great grand daughter.

Ruby is lucky. She has both grandads to play with. My dad worked so much when I was young I see him play with Ruby the way my grandad was with me. I hope I brought as much joy and laughter to my grandad as Ruby does to hers.

Every bonfire night since he died has been a sad day for me. I often think what he would say about how my life has turned out. He would have shouted at me for a few things but he would have adored Ruby. He always knew I wanted to be a mum. 

When he died I wasn’t in the best place. I hated my job and stuck in a flat I didn’t like. Four months after he died I found the job I’m still doing today. It’s as if he helped me realised I like helping people.

I’ve recently made a decision to do a course along this subject and hopefully help myself more and in the future be able to help others. 

I think he would be happy to know I’m finally finding what makes me happy. 


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