Holiday silence

I’ve been on holiday for the last week and it’s actually felt like a holiday. Even on a tots week at Butlins. I decided to not write and just enjoy the week off. It was lovely not to have to think about work/builders/christmas(!)/housework etc. I took a mind holiday. It was lovely not to worry… Continue reading Holiday silence


One week today!

Is my birthday.... it’s not a “big” birthday but it’s a birthday of mine. Usually I don’t care for my birthday as I not one for big celebrations but this year we shall be away.  A whole week off from thinking about work/house/builders etc is the best birthday present. I’m calling it a brain birthday… Continue reading One week today!


What a weekend!

It's been a while since I've been able to say I've had a relaxing weekend. I think it started well as my other half didn't work Friday so Ruby has had there whole days with her Daddy who she completely adores.  She walked beautifully without a tantrum when we went shopping, played with her cousins,… Continue reading What a weekend!