Learning to settle

When we were young we were told to dream big, follow your heart, you can be/do whatever you want to be/do. Life before responsibility and mortgages. I went to university and I'll be honest looking back I wish I hadn't studied law. Yes the employment law knowledge has been a tad useful in my current… Continue reading Learning to settle


Proud of the little achievements

This time last year I was... basically a mess. Struggling to cope with everything life wanted to throw at me to the point of my panic attacks returning. I felt as if I couldn't get myself out at the rut. The medication I was taking made me worse and I didn't know what to do.… Continue reading Proud of the little achievements


Two years ago today

Two years ago today I had an accident at work. I had only been back at work for three weeks after maternity leave. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I tripped over a telephone cable that was under my desk. I cracked my right elbow and fractured my left wrist. My daughter was 11 months… Continue reading Two years ago today