Feeling like Jumping in puddles!  

I'm sat here on the sofa, watching my toddler dance around to the music of Ben and Holly, refusing to to eat her dinner and wondering what time my car is going to be dropped off after having the brakes sorted out.  Today has been one of those days that I wish my wellies didn't… Continue reading Feeling like Jumping in puddles!  


The haters!

I hate using the word "haters", but across social media over the last few days this word has really stuck out. Mumsnet. The joy of mumsnet. I'm sure there has been a lot of positive stories and things come out of mumsnet but you have to ask the question why is it when something negative… Continue reading The haters!


What’s with today’s glossy magazines?

Is it me or is there not a glossy magazine that is marketed for my age group.  I just stood in my local supermarket thinking I would treat myself to a magazine. I stood there for quite some time dismissing every magazine I picked up.  In the past I have loved reading Glamour magazine but… Continue reading What’s with today’s glossy magazines?